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Art by me of the characters of other comics

Brad, Warren, Gulius, and the last bag of coffee in the store Three cranky characters in a conflict caused by coffee. Brad is from Class Menagerie, and Gulius is from Funny Farm. If Warren were a bird, they'd all be birds of a feather, but he's not.
Triangle and Robert are disappointed The very idea of Triangle and Robert fan art simply amused me.
Triangle and Robert in 3D Triangle and Robert enter the third dimension! And I didn't even have to buy Poser.
Mayhem observed by bystanders Jay and Isaac wax nostalgic at a safe distance from the characters of College Roomies From Hell.
Alex at Ubersoft Alex is the faceless representative of a faceless corporation, in Help Desk.
Brent and Jade masquerading A PvP Halloween... with a nod to Sluggy Freelance.
Flan of the Cats Some "flan art" for Clan of the Cats.
Zwingalina Phil of Dex Lives is having some trouble keeping the engineers under control.
College Ruminants From Hell A furry-themed guest week at College Roomies From Hell evokes a comparison.

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