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frequently asked questions

Welcome to the Absurd Notions Question Authority,
where the author gives authoritative answers to your frequently asked questions.

Q: How is Absurd Notions made?
A: This question gets a whole page of its own...

Q: Why is are updates so infrequent?
A: I am easily distracted, not very energetic, and tend to overanalyze my work. I don't like showing people something that I don't think is good enough yet. Look at it this way: if I produced a new strip every day, the number of strips that are actually funny would be the same as it is now.

Q: Are the characters of Absurd Notions based on specific people?
A: None of the characters are based on any one person. There are many ways in which a character may share a recognizable trait with someone I know, but then have nothing else in common with that person. There's a fair bit of myself in each of the characters.

Q: What's that typeface in the Absurd Notions title?
A: Bremen Black, with some modifications of my own.

Q: What do the "Y." and "A." stand for in the names of Jyg and Jag?
A: Both of them dislike their middle names, and they aren't telling.

Q: I want to link to Absurd Notions. Is there a button graphic thingy I can use?
A: Of course. Here are a few.
anban.gif 250x72 anlink.gif 178x52 anbutton.gif 88x33

Q: Can I ask another question?
A: Sure, simply send me an e-mail.

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