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The Smart Move Awards

Awards are a great gimmick. But I can't stand to do something meaningless or redundant. It would be a pointless exercise for me to go through the list of all the comics I like and give each one an award month by month. So, I decided that if I invent an award, it has to be not merely given to someone, but given for something specific.

Thus it came to be that Warren Wright, in his role as game-master, lends his face to the Smart Move Awards, which commend those creators who have done something with their product that I perceive to be particularly clever or wise. The recipients will not necessarily be comic strips, although that is the focus so far. It will be awarded as often as is warranted, and have no regular schedule.

Every site chosen to be honoured with this compliment will get its own version of the award image, custom engraved pixel by pixel with little teeny tiny type and lovingly anti-aliased with the appropriate background colour.


Smart Move: Albion Fuzz/Bohemials I have neglected this feature for a long time. Lately, it has occured to me from time to time to ask myself, "Who, in the past two to three years, has been most robbed of a Smart Move Award by my neglect?" The answer has to be James Roberts. Before I was distracted, I fully intended to give one to Albion Fuzz for the very funny and clever Turner Prize story that so inspired my own strips focusing on modern art snobbery. Later, the strip was reborn as Bohemials, introducing a beautiful duotone style and an ensemble cast with a lot of promise. Seldom has a comic strip been reinvented so stunningly. Alas, Jim has given it up all too soon, but has been kind enough to give us a little more of his lovely work to wrap up a story and remind us of what we're missing. What better time than the curtain call, then, for some well-deserved applause?

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