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Jay Jay Raven
Jay holds the philosophy that people are in desperate need of cognitive dissonance, and it is his duty to give it to them. Mischievous and inventive, he will seize any opportunty for a joke or a prank. As for his work in the fine arts, he seems to take that seriously, although it is very hard to tell, given what he comes up with sometimes. While he does have talent, his creativity sometimes seems to consist more of sheer attitude than talent. He is actually a bit shallower than he would like to believe. Jay is always seen wearing a T-shirt, no matter what the weather; apparently he is practically impervious to cold.

Sir Mangrove Traps & Treasures:
Sir Mangrove of the North-North-Eastlands
Chad the Impaler Vampires:
Chad the Impaler
Harlan Turner From Space:
Harlan "Hairpin" Turner

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