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Guess what's been sitting in a box in my parents' house for over a decade:
God Damned Independent: 100% Frat Free
I had these made in college, and sold some. They're silkscreened Hanes 50-50 shirts, the comfort and durability of which I can attest to, because I have a few that I've been wearing all this time. It's nearing back-to-school time, and as I'm sure some of my readers are in college, and are likely to prefer to only see Greek letters in math formulae or epic poems where they belong, it's time to see about selling the rest. Here's what's available:
10 Black Large. 7 Black XL.
1 White Large. 4 White XL.
1 Red Large. 2 Red XL.
US $15 each + $5 shipping/handling. First come, first serve. I'm not going to be making any more of these.
E-mail me if you want to pay by check, and I'll set your shirt aside.
Choose Color/Size:

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