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Art of Absurd Notions by others
Brent and Warren, by Scott Kurtz This drawing is by Scott Kurtz, the creator of PvP. You can tell our favourite characters have a lot in common. Thanks, Scott! Impenetrable lenses rule!
Dave bugging Warren, by David Schumacher This one is by David Schumacher, creator of Project Zebula. Warren and Dave obviously do not have much in common at all. Thanks, David!
Biff at a loss for numbers, by Terrence Marks In this drawing by Terrence Marks, the creator of Unlike Minerva, Biff is understandably confused upon encountering a telephone listing from another universe, namely Macropod Madness, a world populated with kangaroo magic students named after fruits. Obviously, the idea of numbers on telephones is no longer a given once you've already gone that far. Thanks, Terrence!
Biff and Warren doodlified, by Boxjam Here we see how my characters would look in BoxJam's Doodle. Man, I could be saving myself so much time. Thanks, BoxJam!

Warrenogram and Biffygon, by Patrick Shaughnessy Warren and Biff weigh the merits of paper shapes on sticks in gaming as proposed by Patrick Shaughnessy, the creator of Triangle and Robert. Actually, I would have thought Biff would be one of the first to happily give TARRPGOIPS a try. Thanks, Patrick!
Warren @-acks, by David Schumacher This one by David Schumacher shows Warren about to nip a whole new level of at-sign abuse in the bud. Thanks, David!

A Warren sound bite, by David Schumacher David Schumacher says: "My oldest brother, the Warren in my life, wrote an essay dealing with this subject for Strange Horizons. I just couldn't get the image of Warren saying it out of my head." Thanks, David!

The identity of Anthony Nonimus, by James Roberts Jay turns out to be the remaining loose end from the celebrated Turner Prize storyline in Albion Fuzz by James Roberts. Thanks, James!

Whole strips of Absurd Notions by others

A familiar scenario, by Baxil This comic is by Baxil. Dragons just naturally know how to write Absurd Notions! Thanks, Baxil!
Biff at work, by David Schumacher David Schumacher would obviously rather be doing my comic than his own. This is a full-page color Sunday strip of Biff on the job. Thanks, David!
Jay waxes nostalgic, by Greg Stephens Greg Stephens of Zwol did this nifty strip to coincide with the release of my college strips. Thanks, Greg!
Imaginary stress, by David Schumacher A public service announcement by David Schumacher on the pitfalls of taking a game too seriously. Thanks, David!
Penrose speaks, by Tailsteak This strip in the i storyline is by Mason "Tailsteak" Williams, creator of the comic strip called (concidentally?) 1/0. Thanks, Tailsteak!
Biff! by Ian Fuller If Biff can be a cartoonist, anybody can, even Ian Fuller. Thanks, Ian!
Biff!/0 by Baxil Baxil pits Biff against Tailsteak directly in the crossover he calls Biff!/0. Thanks, Bax!
Substation, by David Ano David "Losttoy" Ano gives us Warren taking deli-fast-food to task regarding the definition of "fresh." Thanks, David!
Sound effects, by James LiGate James Ligate and Biff puzzle over how to best spell the sound of a piledriver. Thanks, James!
Bow, by Cy Reb Jr. Cy Reb Jr. brings more unrosinable violence by giving Biff a ranged weapon. Thanks, Cy!

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