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Comic from September 6, 1992
Verisimilitude would require that the apartment meant for two on a student budget is not the same spacious, four-bedroom apartment they're all living in now. Perhaps someday I will explore that in-between period when the move took place.

Comic from September 13, 1992
Very few TSC students could fit the courses required for graduation neatly into four years. Six credit hours, for those of you don't know or have forgotten, is equal to two classes or one very important class. I went over.

Comic from September 20, 1992

Comic from September 29, 1992
That building is Community Commons, newly complete after more than three years. Those little emergency boxes all over campus were newly erected also.

Comic from October 5, 1992
During the first time through Absurd Notions, I felt free to indulge in changing the rules a bit whenever I wanted to. It bears reminding, though, that to a TSC student, when someone is seen wading through a flock of geese on the way to class, nothing strange or unusual is happening yet.

Comic from October 12, 1992
"What are you doing?"
"I'm ripping up these newspapers."
Correct, and even honest, but still the wrong answer.

The Student Representative to the Board of Trustees got busted trying to get into a bar with a fake ID. By "busted," I don't mean that some reporter saw her do it; I mean there was an arrest and a corresponding record thereof. The Signal ran the story. Her sorority's brother fraternity decided that they needed to prevent anyone from finding out about it... and at this late in the game, the only way to try to do that is fantastically foolish. If you try to obstruct the press in America, big or small, they'll come back twice as strong, even if you have the power of the law. In this case, the law was on the side of the press, and the frat boys didn't stand much of a chance, especially when their strategy was to just go out and tear apart stacks of newspapers in plain view of the public, and then to toss the rest into the recycling dumpsters in the middle of the night when the first strategy didn't pan out. Signal staff had retrieved most of the papers by morning. A copy of the Signal was spread out on display behind glass in the student center for everyone who hadn't been able to get one.
Naturally, that bungled attempt to stop the dissemination of the news was the following week's top story in the Signal. The frat boys didn't want people to read that either, so they did it again. It didn't dispel attention from themselves or their "sister" as well as they had hoped.

For this comic, I deliberately waited for the layout to be done so that I could fill in the trompe-loeil tear with a drawing of the page that would be directly behind it. It was just a stroke of fortune that it happened to be an advertisement for a "greek" event.

Comic from October 20, 1992

Comic from November 3, 1992
The actual, unexaggerated procedure required to use ASTRO (which actually stands for "Automated Student Telephone Registration On-line") is outlined above. Yes, that's three separate identification codes, including your SSN, just to get started.

Comic from November 10, 1992
Try not to read too much into this one. Basically, it's still really about geese.

Comic from December 1, 1992
Comic strip characters have a tendency to wear the same clothes all the time, for the ease of both artist habit and reader recognition. But with Jay, there's a reason. He's one of them. You personally know at least one. They're almost like normal humans, except they have no knowledge of what it means to be cold. Jay doesn't even own a coat.

Comic from December 8, 1992
Occassionally I am guilty of making up the details when I don't know what I'm talking about. I had to have known what a holiday rush was, and the strip would have worked just fine without the extra verbiage, but for some reason I thought a "winter job" would be a silly variation on the summer job, inexperienced as I was.

Archived Classics by Semester: F1989 S1990 F1990 S1991 F1991 S1992 F1992 S1993

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