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Comic from January 19, 1992
Are you ready? Here comes the longest and (in my opinion) most entertaining story in the weekly collegiate run of Absurd Notions. I rode those creaky old elevators in the dorms every day; finding inspiration there was inevitable. Cliché? Yes. But humor isn't in what you do, it's in how you do it....

Comic from February 4, 1992

Comic from February 11, 1992

Comic from February 18, 1992

Comic from February 25, 1992

Comic from March 4, 1992

Comic from March 11, 1992
Aren't they cute? A lot of people thought this was a reference to Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail (from the crowd of extras on a hill yelling "Get on with it!"), but, remarkably enough, I hadn't seen it yet.

Comic from April 1, 1992

Comic for Monday, May 14, 2001, from April 7, 1992
The only gaming strip in the original Absurd Notions. Who knew it would lead to so much? Here, Biff learns that imagination alone is not enough... especially in a dungeon that was designed with practically none at all.

Comic for Tuesday, May 15, 2001, from April 14, 1992
Sometimes I wish I could let myself remove certain strips so you would never know they existed. This strip demonstrates why I avoid topical political gags in the current Absurd Notions. Yes, back in 1992, a choice between Dan Quayle and Jesse Jackson was the worst possible election nightmare I could think of. How was I supposed to know?

Comic for Wednesday, May 16, 2001, from April 28, 1992
There simply was not enough housing at TSC. Every year there was a housing lottery to see who would be allowed to stay on campus. A big random list of all students applying for on-campus housing would be posted in the student center, and if you were above the line, you got a room. Second and third cutoff lines would be drawn further down the list as the number of available rooms were re-estimated. I was always lucky enough.

Archived Classics by Semester: F1989 S1990 F1990 S1991 F1991 S1992 F1992 S1993

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